I fall in chaise

One day I started to draw chairs without any specific intention, just because I liked it. It took me some years and also a lots of sketches of every chair I saw or imagined. After 3 years, I stopped drawing chairs for a little while and I started to write about all the chairs I have been sitting on during my whole life. Finally all this drawings and memories are became in this project called: “I fall in chaise”.
All this pieces was made in different techniques : ink, crayon, mono-type and carbon paper. After they were scanned and printed in laser in different formats and bindings. Every piece has a tracing paper envelope with related statements written on.

There are 8 different pieces :

Illustrator & Bookbinder
Personal project
  1. UNE CHAISE SERT à S’ASSOIR (A chair is used to sit on it)
  1. PARA TENER AMIGOS HAY QUE TENER SILLAS (To have friends you must have chairs)
  1. LA RéPéTITION ME FAIT PLAISIR (Repetition makes me happy)
  1. J’AI PEUR D’OUBLIER (I’m afraid to forget)

7.QUAND JE COMMENCE à CHERCHER, JE NE SAIS PLUS M’ARRÊTER… (When I start to look for…I can’t stop)